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Partners in Equine Nutrition

At Cargill, we’ve dedicated more than three generations of research and discovery to help build a stronger foundation for equine health and performance through greater understanding and innovation in the field of nutrition.

As an Educational Partner of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, we’re proud to share those resources and knowledge with you.

Resources You Can Use

For every breed of horse, every level of activity and every stage of life, nutrition has always been – and will always be – the foundation for lasting equine health and performance. It’s a simple truth, but not always a simple matter, especially as the nutritional requirements of horses today become more diverse and demanding.

Below are links to resources you can use to help your clients build a solid foundation for the horses in their care.

Common Conditions in Horses

Find information on a common horse conditions, including etiology, management, and suggested feeds.

Nutrition Support

Find tools to help you and your clients better manage the health and well-being of their horses.

Contact Us

Need help with a specific nutrition question? Our nutrition experts are ready to help you find solutions.

Research and Innovation

Through both pure research and applied science, Cargill is taking the latest discoveries in nutrition technology and turning them into the real world feeding solutions for horse owners. Learn more about our team, our research facilities, and our partnerships with leading universities.

Equine Nutrition Research Team

These individuals are responsible for leading the research, development, and trials behind horse product that goes on the market.

Innovation Center

The Cargill Innovation Campus is an ever-growing center of global expertise in animal nutrition.


Extensive in-house and third-party research support the resources and products we offer.