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Equine Nutrition Research

At our Innovation Campus we focus on in-vitro work, our efforts then go to the best and brightest minds in equine nutrition across the country to apply and test our nutrient models ensuring we provide the best products. We also have nearly 100 PhD nutritionists supporting our research and technology worldwide.

Examples of Our Research Collaborations:

Texas A & M University

  • Refining amino acid requirements for the growing horse
    • We guarantee methionine in all of our premium feeds including SafeChoice
  • Identification of natural, bioavailable, and efficacious chondroprotective compounds
    • Still in development
  • Feed additives that optimize digestibility of the total diet
    • Current premium formulas include Diamond V® XPC™ yeast prebiotic and Star Labs Primalac DFM probiotic, and Zinpro 4-Plex® minerals. Other feed additives are under investigation.

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

  • Dietary influence on optimal glycogen repletion in performance horses
    • Optimal DE coming from NSC, fiber and fat in performance feeds such as ProForce XTN and SafeChoice Perform
  • Optimal palatability and aroma testing
    • The Nutrena equine feeds are products horses love to eat!

Michigan State University

  • Glycemic response influence from single ingredient and ingredient combinations with respect to varying nutrient profiles and processing applications
    • Resulted in use of our Smart Grain Formulation™, which uses the special nutrient characteristics of different cereal grains to a horse’s greatest advantage

Rutgers University

  • Safe and efficient rehabilitation of horses in poor condition
    • Quantification of body condition improvement while feeding SafeChoice Senior