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Services and Solutions

Our team of highly educated experts with over a century of combined experience provide in-depth knowledge and tools that can help you with all aspects of your business.  The offer expertise across disciplines including management, breeding, growth and development.

We are proud to offer the following services and solutions. If you would like to take advantage of any of them, please contact us and our team will be in touch to set up a time to discuss your needs.

Diet Evaluation and Recommendations

Providing a balanced diet is critical for the health and success of your client's horses. Our nutrition experts can help you build correct diets, including those for special needs horses. 

We have can design programs for conditions including, but not limited to: PSSM, Kidney Failure, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Post Operative Care, Laminitis, HYPP, and more.

Forage Analysis Kit and Evaluation

Forages are the foundation of the equine diet. Their nutrient content will influence how the horse will respond and thrive.

We can help you and your clients learn how to collect and submit samples, as well as easily interpret results to determine what needs to be added per day to get the desired results in the horse.

Water Analysis and Evaluation

The mineral content of water is often an overlooked aspect in equine nutrition. When other factors are ruled out, evaluating water quality is the next step.

The minerals found in water can affect the horses' diet in many ways, and once we know if there is a water problem, we can effectively deal with it.

Mare's Milk Analysis and Evaluation

The nutrients a mare puts into her milk are the only source of nutrition for a nursing foal. If this milk is deficient in critical nutrients, the foal will be compromised and a high percentage of these foals will have growth and developmental issues.

We will help you and your client analyze their mare's milk, then evaluate it and build a custom program to meet the nutrient needs of their suckling.

For more information on Mare's Milk Analysis and Evaluation, contact Dr. Marty Adams, [email protected].

Clinic Staff Nutrition CE

The knowledge of your staff is a critical part of your business, and so is their ability to correctly collect critical nutrition information.

We can provide hands-on, interactive training at a location of your choice.  We'll cover techniques for assessing Body Condition Scoring, Topline Evaluation Scoring, and determining body weight, as well as provide information on making nutritional solution recommendations.

On Farm Nutrition Evaluations

Do you offer a Wellness Program to your clients? If so, our consultants can do ride-alongs with you, or we can schedule a consult for a specific client farm.

Our consultants can provide Body Condition Scoring and Topline Evaluation Scores, as well as management and nutritional program suggestions to supplement your overall wellness recommendations.