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Have a question about equine nutrition? Contact a nutrition expert in your region.


Dr. Marty Adams

East Coast

[email protected] -or- (804) 399-9062


Abby Keegan, M.S., PAS

Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Tennessee

[email protected] -or- (319) 430-1729


Dr. Jim Ward


[email protected] -or- (979) 251-4000


Kristin Stephens

California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana

[email protected] -or- (559) 908-5030


Kirk Carter

North, East, & West Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska

[email protected] -or- (858) 254-1884


Sharon Choney

Southern Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana

[email protected] -or- (760) 625-9441


Bobette Martin


[email protected] -or- (561) 707-3027